Valentines Day Gift Ideas!


Give the gift of

Farm Shares!

Give the gift that lasts longer than those chocolates! (not to knock chocolate…) Our flower and farm shares are a great gift that arrive all summer to keep your sweet heart knowing you care. We just love the idea that local flowers are making such a huge resurgence all over. Local flowers are more interesting, fresher and so much more personal. It’s so much fun every week during the flower season to mix and match the colorful flowers knowing they are headed for homes to grace kitchen tables, office desks or where ever the fancy strikes.

Farm Shares are certainly the healthy gift! They match perfectly with your New Years Goals of healthier eating. Increasing your vegetables daily is a sure fire way to feel better and try new recipes! Not only do we take great care of our vegetables in the field, but we also try to make the Farm share experience great for our members. Weekly newsletters contain info about the farm, two suggested recipes that are focused on using items in the shares. Plus we give you tips on storing or quick ways to preserve. Give the gift that keeps on giving and supports your local farmer!