Our Farm Share season runs from the beginning of June through mid-October, with all deliveries on Thursdays. Subscribing to our membership program provides you with 20 weeks of a well balanced assortment of seasonal vegetables and herbs. Our focus is on seasonal eating, cooking, and getting to know your farm.  Scroll through this page for information, pictures of shares to help you decide which share option is right for you.


Share Sizes

We offer two share sizes, and two delivery options. A Large Share and Small share sizes. As well as weekly and every other week deliveries for both share sizes.

Full Season Pricing

$435 for Weekly Deliveries
$275 for Bi-weekly Deliveries

$635 for Weekly Deliveries
$395 for Bi-weekly Deliveries


About the Share Sizes

Large Share

Perfect for 2 to 5 people, depending on your households eating habits. Generally 8-10 vegetable varieties. The large share varies per week, as some weeks its a greater quality or weight of vegetables and or greater types of vegetables. Approximately one brown grocery bag of produce three quarters full

Most large share members tend to be families that like to cook through out the week.

Small Share

Generally 6-7 vegetable varieties. Smaller in quantity than the large share but with just as much variety. About a small/medium grocery bag of vegetables. Great for 1 to 2 people or a family that cooks less frequently or still wants to go to the farmers market

If you are new to Farm Shares this is the size we suggest members try first.

Bi- Weekly Shares

Bi- Weekly or "Every Other Week" Shares offer members increased flexibility and are great for those that travel or cook less frequently. Bi-weekly members will be assigned a starting group of "A" or "B" weeks.

Biweekly members receive 10 weeks of deliveries over the 20 week season.

Small Shares

Its not just about the vegetables.

We work hard to make eating healthy as accessible as possible. The Share Package includes a weekly newsletter with important information about your share. We work hard to create content for our members that's not just clogging up their inbox. News about the farm, recipes, and information about your share help you to get the most out of your experience. Each share comes with a list and description of the items in the share each week. The better we can communicate with you the more you will understand and enjoy your food, & farm

Large Shares

Is the Farm Share subscription right for me?

Thats a great question! Farm shares are Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). And CSA is based on relationship of mutual support and commitment between farmers and members. In return for an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm, CSA members receive a weekly share of our farm's bounty. 

We find that those who enjoy being part of a CSA tend to:

  • Be passionate about where their food comes from

  • Want fresh high quality produce

  • Enjoy cooking

  • Are flexible

  • Interested in learning about different vegetables

  • Adventurous cooks & eaters

  • Schedule that allows them to pick up shares weekly

  • Want their family to eat organic

CSA is a commitment! We work hard to produce delicious produce that's accessible. On your end its your responsibility to use the resources available to you to use your share. And it requires some of your time. Not just to pick up your share, but willingness to cook or even freeze some of the farms bounty.