What should I do if I can’t pick up my share this week?

The most common question we get! - We know everyone is busy and so we have worked to add some flexibility into the program. Weekly share members have the option to request up to 3 skip weeks with a “make up share” delivery the next week. (2 boxes)

Bi-Weekly Members can request to reschedule their share pick up for the following week. So a ‘B week’ member that is going out of town will pick up the next week during the “A week”. And after that will go back to their normal schedule.

You can also send a friend/co-worker/spouse to pick up your share. You do need to give them a quick run down on how to pick up the share to avoid confusion at pick up. (large vs small)

Finally if you don’t like any of those options you can request that your produce be donated that week - who it is donated to will be at the farmers discretion.

We do need to contacted as soon as possible if you know you have a scheduling conflict.

Member Responsibilities

  1. Pick up your shares in the allotted pick up window and day. Most sites have limited to no space to hold shares over night. Most shares not claimed are donated. If something comes up please contact us or your site ASAP so we can make arrangements.

  2. Read your emails. We send reminder emails on Thursdays, and on Wednesdays you get the newsletter. Both contain pertinent information about the share, farm and pick up reminders.

  3. Email filters - make sure you are receiving our emails in your inbox and not your spam box.

  4. The wax boxes stay on site, we have a tutorial on how to open them carefully and not damage the boxes.

  5. Review your bounty list that comes in the box and your newsletter. We include information about the vegetables that week and how to store.

  6. Enjoy your veggies!

Communication! If you are having a problem or question please contact us. The only way we can help a situation is if we know whats going on.

Shared Risk & Reward - Community Supported Agriculture

Its a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food from grocery stores or multiple farms, our customers become “members” of this farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest. It is also creates a direct link between the community and local farmers. The payment in the early season helps your farmers directly with the bulk of the seasonal expenses, ex. Seed purchase. And reduce the need for time consuming marketing that takes farmer off farm during the all important harvest season. This allows the farmer more time on farm, growing high quality food. In return the farmers deliver fresh organic produce grown on the farm.  

CSA & Shared Risk:  Members share in the risks of production during the season as your farmers and farm crew work to create food from the soil. As with all years, it will be a banner year for certain crops and terrible for others. As farmers we try to create a balance between the unknowns of what nature throws at us and the science, knowledge, and resources that are available to us as organic farmers. Through diversity of crops and good planning our aim is to provide you with a beautiful sampling of the seasons

BiWeekly Shares

BiWeekly or Every Other Week Shares (EOWS): Members will be assigned an A week or B week you will receive a notification of your assigned week, approximately the end of May. A week starts week 1, and B week starts week 2. You will receive reminder emails from us on the Monday of your week. It is worth it to add all the dates into your calendar.