Exchange Share

For 2019 we have opportunities for members to volunteer their time on the farm in exchange for a Large Farm Share. Its a great way to be directly involved in the farm, and really get to know your farmers. Your time on the farm is really important to us. Steven and Elisabeth do all the farm labor and during the week we need an extra set of hands to make the work go faster!

Shifts are four hours long during the week starting at 7:30am - 11:30am, and 1pm - 5pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Please realize this is not easy work! And expectations are high. We work in all weather, hot, cold, rain, bugs etc. Exchange Share members need to be able to easily lift 30lbs repeatedly, and be comfortable in kneeling, bending, lifting or standing for periods of time. Even if you think you are in decent physical shape please realize farming is a different more demanding experience than going to the gym or weeding your flower beds. This is also a commitment, we need folks that can commit to come for the entire season. We plan our weeks with the expectation that you’ll be there for your shift.

We have two Exchange Share options: Full Season Exchange Share 20 Week CSA season June - October. Second is Summer Season Exchange Share Mid-June thru End of August.

Please read through the frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing?

  • Each shift / day will have its own routine, though things vary depending on the season. You’ll be involved in weeding, harvesting, washing or packing, and occasionally transplanting.

I’ve never worked on a farm, how will I know what to do?

  • Each job will be explained. We’ve spent a lot of time training people. You need to be able to listen carefully, follow directions and work hard. Working hard means keeping your hands moving, not stopping and chatting with the person working next you. (This doesn’t mean you can’t talk, you just have to keep working).

Can I share the responsibility with friend / spouse / housemate, ect?

  • Its best that just one person per household makes a commitment per Exchange Share.

Can I be a worker share for a Biweekly share

  • No, we need folks that can work each week.

Can I bring my child with me?

  • No, this is hard work that requires focus, this is not geared for children.

Can I bring my dog with me?

  • No.

What if I need to miss a shift due to illness, travel, or work?

  • You can make up a shift at a later time. The sooner we know the better so we can make arrangements. Though if you expect to miss more than two shifts during the season this may not be a good fit.

Can I work weekends?

  • No, most of our work is during the week. While your farmers do work weekends, we do tasks that are not geared for volunteers.

What if my schedule changes mid season?

  • Please let us know as soon as possible. We may be able to work out a different schedule for you on the farm.

I’m a Teacher / Student and can only work during vacation?

  • We offer the Summer Season Exchange share Mid-June thru August. But we can’t offer opportunities for just a couple of weeks.


  • Ideally we would like to have you come to the farm before your commitment begins to meet us and see what its like here.

Still Interested? Send us an email with answers to these questions:

  •  How do you think you will be an asset to the farm?

  • What do see as your possible weak point?

  • What do you do? (employment, hobbies, volunteer work, etc)

  • What physical activities are part of your life?

  • Which shift would you like to work? Please list two or three possibilities, in order of preference. If only one shift will work for you, let me know. 

  • Send us an email at

Thank you!