You can quickly purchase your share online through the online store or by downloading the .PDF and mailing in your check payments. Finally we have an online version of the PDF that you can fill out and then mail in your payment.

  • Payment options help to make farm shares more affordable for everyone. Through the online store you can chose to pay in full or pay for part of the share now and then will be billed for the remaining balance. We will contact you directly to set that up. The PDF has instructions for paying in full or in payments with post dated checks.

  • Partner Shares is an amazing program through FairShare CSA Coalition It helps to make CSA more accessible to everyone. It process is very simple, we suggest applying for it early (applications available in January) as it fills very quickly.

  • Health insurance rebates are available through some insurance companies in Madison. Please check with your insurance if these rebates or incentives are available. As members of FairShare CSA Coalition we are one of the farms that qualify for your insurance rebate.

  • FairShare also can process your SNAP benefits for CSA programs. You should contact them directly for information about this.

  • Also please consider donating to the Partner Shares program. This program in large part is also community supported!

  • Finally if you have any questions about our sign up process please don’t hesitate to contact us at or through our contact us page.